Welcome to our Bakery!

Taste of Kolhapur
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Welcome To Kedarling Bakery !

        Since 1955, we are in bakery industry.Specially in Kolhapur we have developed an expanding market of delicious & tasty products which people appreciate.We prepare every product hygienically.Considering the growing market of bakery products;we are ready to face upcoming challenges.Our state of the art producton unit is equipped with the most modern machines for extra production in less man hours.

The credit of our success goes to Late H. B. P. Dattoba Kushappa Khade who established Kedarling Bakery way back in 1955. With a home based production unit & a sales counter, he started this business.

We Khade family are working in bakery sales and manufacturer of bakery products. We are working from around 1955 years. We have sub-branches in Kolhapur and we supply to other retail counters,we manufacture Cake, Toast, Khari, Bread, Pizza Bread & other Bakery Products like Cold Cake, Pastries, Pizza, Food Bread, Mava Cake, Methi Khari, Maska Khari, Oats Cookies, Mixed Fruit Biscuits.